The Lush Larder


A selection of my seasonal Jams & Chutneys, all homemade in small batches

Tomato & Chilli Chutney

Sweet with heat! Ripe, red, vine tomatoes, mustard seeds, spices and chillies fuse together to create a chutney that has a delicious sweetness at first taste followed by a wonderful kick of heat from the chillies. Delicious with mature cheeses, burgers, paninis, pasta dishes and pizza.

Cranberry & Apple Chutney

Tart cranberries and Bramley apples are fused with warming tones of ginger and peppercorns to make this seasonal chutney a must-have for Christmas. It is a fabulous alternative to cranberry sauce and it delicious with seasonal meats and a host of cheeses.

Strawberry & Apple Jam

A fabulously fruity Jam packed with chunks of fresh sweet strawberries and tart Bramley apples. Delicious with all breads, ice-cream, summer tarts, bakes and roulades. We highly reocmmend this jam to all of our customers and have excellent feedback.

Beetroot & Orange Chutney

Homegrown, organic beetroot gives this chutney its beautiful vibrant colour. The sweetness of orange juice and zest, coupled with mustard seeds and Bramley apples, complements the rich earthy tones of the beetroot. Wonderful with salads, eggs, cold cuts and cheeses

Armagh Apple Jam

A beautiful sweet, puree Jam made with local EU PGI Bramley apples complemented by a hint of lemon and subtle undertones of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Delicious when added to creamy porridge, smoked bacon sandwiches, pork dishes, apple pies and cakes

Pear Apple Jam

Chunks of sweet pears and tart Bramley apples are delicately enhanced by warm stem ginger and root ringer. Fabulous with crepes, croissants and many savoury dishes

Damson Apple Jam

Deliciously sweet & smooth. Locally grown damsons and Bramley apples are cooked & strained to make a vibrant Jelly that is wonderful with all types of breads, waffles, ice- cream, meringues, cakes & bakes. North Coast Chocolates use this Jelly to create an exquisite handmade chocolate for their artisan chocolate range (see Collab page)

Gooseberry Gin Jam

Homegrown, organic and locally sourced gooseberries are the main ingredient in this sought-after Jam. The sweetness of the Jam is balanced out by a dash of locally produced gin. It is great with Greek yoghurt, desserts, ice-cream and cocktails.

Pear Cider Chutney

Sweet pears laced with local cider and complemented by subtle undertones of star anise, ginger and cinnamon make this a wonderful sweet, warming chutney that is simply fabulous on a charcuterie board. It can also be enjoyed with baked camembert, gammon ham and a host of savoury dishes.

Plum & Cinnamon Jam

This is a deliciously sticky Jam that is excellent with baked apples, duck & pheasant, brie, breads, fruit crumbles and warm, buttery crumpets.